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    Have any of you seen the documentary Fantasm? I LOVE horror/fan/convention documentaries and I must have heard about this one from somewhere. I saw it on sale at DiabolikDVD and made a blind buy because I usually love watching these things. What a waste of money! This documentary is horrifically bad and amateurish. The guy starts it by filming himself in his car driving, telling us about how his love of horror started and he uses this as a segue between segments. Not only does it look amateurish, but I really didn't care much about the uncharismatic filmmaker, so it really rubbed me wrong. The guy goes to 6 of the biggest conventions in America. You know this by his title sequence, but you do not get a feel for any of them, nor do you know which one he is at during any given time. The interviews encompass some famous people, but a lot of them are vendors at cons. They do not add anything to the genre. All anyone talks about is how great people at cons are and how much a family everyone is. Even the celebrities. Then, whenever he has b-roll footage, it is mostly of huge crowds walking around. You do not get a feel for any of the cons and he actually makes them look boring, which is not the case. He also used footage from a 1986 Fangoria con film three times!! He should have used that as the template for the documentary, since that one was very interesting! I have a copy! This doc was under an hour but felt so much longer!! And don't get me started on the extras on this disc. A camcorder shot interview with his grandparents about the director's horror obsession. A blooper reel?? A short version of the film, he shot as a student and his Kickstarter campaign film. Evidently, he got the money to attend all these cons from Kickstarter and he must have had fun at them, since he didn't shoot much footage at them!! The footage is bad, the editing is mundane and poor in places (he actually fades to black for 5 secs between some sequences!). Just skip this film!

    I hate to disparage any filmmaker, but this was garbage and don't waste your money on it! I try to attend most of my area cons, but being in school now, I haven't had the time or money, so a lot of times, I use these docs as a way of visiting cons and fans when I can't be there. This was not the experience I had hoped for!!
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