Dark Waters and Happiness of the Katakuris

Discussion in 'Asian Horror and Other Pleasures' started by LJMurder, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. LJMurder

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    DDDhouse has Hidea Nakata's(director of Ring and Chaos) new DVD release Dark Waters and also Takashi Miike's (ichii the killer, dead or alive, visitor Q) new DVD release the Happiness of the Katakuris, both of witch are awesome. It doesn't mention anything about subs though but considering it's the HK release there is a good chance of it having english subs. I think they are both Region 3 as well.
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    I ordered both from yesasia.com and they were shipped on the 20th so I should have them soon. Both of them have English subtitles according to yesasia and both are R3. I've alreasy seen both of them theatrically so I know the movies kick major ass, at least as far as I am concerned.
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    I don't know about the other movie but I'm waiting for the US release of Happiness of the Katakuris. That company did a great job on the Audition DVD and I am hoping they will do an equally excellent job on the Happiness of the Katakuris DVD.

    Later all...
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    Wasn't the US version of "Audition" cut though? I have the r3 version so I don't know for sure.

    Got my pack yesterday and am really happy with both DVDs. Transfers are pretty nice and the subtitles are black bordered so they never get lost against white backgrounds. Both disks are barebones versions with extras being limited to a trailer on "Happiness..." Well worth the 30 bucks for the pair though :)
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    Mortado: Audition is available in R-rated (cut) and Unrated (uncut) versions in the US.
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    I just saw Katakuris a few nights ago, that movie is nuts! Insane even!

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