Category 3 films?

Discussion in 'Asian Horror and Other Pleasures' started by Erg0n, May 14, 2002.

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    Apr 8, 2001
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    In a House that's Up My Butt In A Cellar, Canada
    anyone have a list of these type of films?
  2. Azathoth

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    Jan 8, 2002
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    I own on VCD:

    Daughter of Darkness
    The Imp
    The Peeping Tom
    The Rapist
  3. Trout

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    The untold story or Ebola syndrome.
  4. Max Yokell

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    I recently ordered up Dr. Lamb from Diabolik DVD and this is a CataGory 3 movie. It was pretty decent movie. Well worth the $12 or so it cost me. :)

    I am interested in other titles from this genre that might be worth a purchase. I have a Multi Region player and really like the sick and twisted gory stuff. :)

    Also while not really a catagory III movie I have the Chinse Catagory III rated version of the Japanese movie Audtion and that one is really sick.

  5. dlundh

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    I can't heartily recommend them but f you want outlandish gory, crazy shit then check out the Guinea Pig-series. Especially the first and the second.

    Maybe Guts of a Virgin and Guts of a Beauty will be up your alley as well?

    Female Market is a pretty rough little picture too. ;)
  6. Atmims

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    I recommend to anyone interested in Category III movies to see Untold Story, Ebola Syndrome, Untold Story II, Red to Kill, and Brother of Darkness. That's in order of best to least best, but I recommend seeing Untold Story first if anyone hasn't already seen it. I've seen about 15 category III movies in the last year and those are the best I've ran across.

    I would probably also recommend Daughter of Darkness but my brother said he didn't like it. Dr.Lamb is alright too but It was kinda boring and wasn't too gory.

    I'm always interested in seeing some good CAT III movies so if anyone sees one they even kinda liked please tell us.
    Adrian Mims

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