Can anyone help me with this (a tough one)?

Discussion in 'Asian Horror and Other Pleasures' started by Werner Von Wallenrod, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. OK. I've heard, on-line, that an Asian LD/ VCD store in Melbourne used to stock a VCD of reasonably high-quality Storytelling (the Solondz film), with all of the notorious footage that's been cut out of all the commercial releases intact. Unfortunately, that store has since closed.
    I've been advised to "keep an eye on the various Asian net dealers (the disc was either S.E Asian or HK in origin), but outside of, like, Poker Industries, I don't think I know any Asian net dealers... Can anybody help me out, here? Can you post some places that might carry this, know where to direct me, or, heck, if you own a copy, even hook me up directly?
    Solondz is my favorite filmmaker (I've even made a small Solondz website) and I'd gladly name my first born after whoever could help me get a copy of this VCD. Heck, you could {i}have[/i] my first born. He's eight. E-mail me for a photo. ;)
    No, but really... Can anybody point me in the right direction?
  2. Unfortunately the "unrated" version doesn't have any of the missing footage either... This particular (probably pirate) VCD seems to be the only way to see this footage.
    Anybody have any ideas?
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    I've never seen Storytelling, but I hear its a damn good movie. Is it comprable to Happiness? Now THAT was one fucked up movie. Is Storytelling out on R1 disc already?
  4. yup

    I have been looking for the "uncensored" version myself. If you come across it Wallenrod, let me know where you get it. or I'll buy a copy from you or whatever. Anyone know? This is serious shit here!:D
    killercannabis :
    STROYTELLING is awesome. A little less dark in tone that HAPPINESS, but still still pretty freakin' dark. and hillarious.
  5. Yeah, the R1 disc of Storytelling is out.
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    What's the URL?
  7. Yeah, its too bad we will probably never see the third Storytelling segment (about a high school jock) that Solondz took out after test screenings had people upset by it (probably because the cruel/gay jock was James Van DerBeek and included a bit where he rapes a kid or something)... Also when it was first shown at Cannes, Storytelling was much, much longer, including a lot of stuff, Selma Blair sex scenes, more story, that he cut out to make it shorter, more comedic length (under an hour and a half instead of 2 hours). I wish someone would do a SE with a longer cut, but its unlikely since Solondz is such a fringe film maker.
  8. !! Dang it, someone must have this VCD somewhere on this planet!

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