BLOODLUST (aka Mosquito der Schänder, 1977) - coming from FilmMedia 2018!

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    More news from my Cinema Arcana FB Page:

    “It will haunt the darkest corners of your mind!” Excellent news for fans of underseen Eurohorror – FilmMedia have the Blu debut of Marijan Vajda’s BLOODLUST (aka Mosquito der Schänder, 1977) scheduled for 2018!

    Austrian character actor and Eurotrash mainstay Werner Pochath stars as a deaf-mute accountant still suffering from a childhood filled with abuse. Ostracized by his neighbors and coworkers for his weird ways and collection of dolls, he tries to keep his deeper, darker desires at bay, but they eventually overtake him, guiding him to a local cemetery. Beginning with blood drinking and corpse mutilation, his cravings are initially satisfied, but how long until he needs fresher sources?

    A bleak and moody outing that’s about as twisted and perverse as they come, BLOODLUST stands alongside other grim character studies like Gerald Kargl’s ANGST (1983) and Ulli Lommel’s not dissimilar TENDERNESS OF THE WOLVES (1973), with a captivating central performance and an all-enveloping, suffocating air of sickness. Based on the true life case of Kuno Hofmann (the “Vampire of Nuremberg”), it’s a black marriage of ‘70s arthouse and necro-sleaze, and certainly worthy of being better known.

    Though it saw tape in England, Japan, Germany, etc. during the ‘80s VHS boom, curious Stateside fans mostly had to settle for traded bootlegs, with BLOODLUST not gaining legit release until 1999 when EI Cinema picked up the rights for its official domestic debut. Unfortunately, their tape was just in time for the DVD revolution, and a lot of horror fans had already moved onto more digital pastures.

    Some questionable discs have come and gone, but seventeen years later we’re getting the real deal. FilmMedia’s upcoming Blu-Ray features a new scan from the original German negative, straight from the vault of producer Chris Nebe. Extras are slated to include liner notes from journalist Michael Gingold. Expect more details next month, and watch this space for pre-order information!

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    Great news, I'll look forward to revisiting this one in HD!
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    Officially announced today on Facebook:


    Mondo Macabro are very pleased to announce that we have just acquired the US physical media rights to the 1976 Swiss film BLOODLUST (Mosquito der schänder). Thanks to Film Media, Michael Raso and Paige Davis for making this possible.

    For those unfamiliar with the title, BLOODLUST is one of the darkest and most affecting horror movies to come out of 1970s Europe. The film plays like a kind of grown up fairy tale, albeit one that includes bloodsucking, eyeball evisceration and voyeuristic lesbian sex scenes among a host of other activities. The bloodsucker of the film’s title is played by veteran actor Werner Pochath. Although he made a number of horror films, including two with Dario Argento, this was one of his rare leads and it’s a career topping best, especially remarkable in that the character he plays is a deaf mute who has not a single world of dialog.

    This will be the world Blu-ray premier of this remarkable - and remarkably strange - film. Watch this space for more details.
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