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Discussion in 'Reader Reviews' started by Mok, Oct 24, 2005.

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    So last year I finally got around to Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things. I was seriously impressed and affected by that film. It was one that I had dissmissed as cheese before seeing it based on it's obscurity and low budget. It proved to me that budget and noteriety mean jack-shit as far as quality goes. Thanks to a blind buy, I was a great film richer and a little more open to try others like it.

    Enter Walmart. Yes the evil empire that everyone likes to hate-on. Let me explain. I went there as a last resort, looking desperately for an Xbox game(Stubbs the Zombie) that still no one seems to have released. While browsing the Electronics section I happened upon the DVD discount bin dressed with Halloween titles exclusively. Immediately I snatched up Horror of Dracula, and noticed they had some other Hammer films there, but I thought it would be too impulsive to grab any. Well I ended up making another trip because Stubbs seems to have drifted off the map as far as release dates go and those damn Hammer films for $6.00 were plaguing my mind. So I get there and notice they've added a Halloween stand with even more titles. (BY THE WAY GUYS, I DON'T KNOW IF ANYONE HAS MENTIONED THIS YET, BUT THE PAUL SCHRADER VERSION OF EXCORSIST WAS THERE - sorry if that's old news, but I was stunned to see it) one of them being SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Yep, that's the one for 2005. What I thought would be a riff on Friday the 13th was actually a damn good little flick.

    The first thing I noticed was that the film was framed beautifully for a low budget piece. Off the bat I thought "someone from film class paid attention at least as far as cinematography goes..." as the movie progressed I realized that the story and characters were half-decent as well. There some funny moments and a generally good camp atmosphere throughout. It made me remember summer camp and how fun and sometimes, not so fun it was.

    But then came the last 15-20 minutes of the film. As things progress in the story, the light-hearted fun is turned to a more sinister tone and capped-off by that world famous great ending that did in fact shock the shit out of me, even though it was totally telegraphed throughout the film. Oh, well I was enjoying the funny one-liners and the antics the boys played on Mozart.

    This one had pretty much what one would want and crave from a slasher: great characters, interesting enough story, a "who done it" aspect, gore, laughs, decent cinematography and atmosphere.

    I'd go as far as giving this one an 8/10. It probably deserves a 7, but for those out there skeptical about it like I was, an 8 will hopefully get them to shell out for it. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, this one was a whopping $5.00. What are you waiting for!?!?
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    I had never seen this one until I heard about the survival pack with all the sleepaway camps included.I admit I was pretty skeptical about the movie,but I did end up enjoying it.The ending did shock me even though like you said,you shouldve been able to see it coming.
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    I don't have it either. I was put off by reading a spoiler on this site, and so keep putting off the purchase. Maybe one day. Can't believe you passed up on my beloved Hammer flicks ;)
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    I've loved Sleepaway Camp for as long as I can remember although in did somewhat warp my mind and help transform me into the woma... man I am today!

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