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Discussion in 'Site News' started by Dave, Nov 23, 2015.

By Dave on Nov 23, 2015 at 9:28 PM
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    Yes, a new review being posted on the site is now such a monumental event that it is newsworthy! I kid. Kind of...

    Back in September, I posted an open call for reviewers. We needed more reviewers on the site and we still do. We had several submissions and today I'm posting what I believe was the best of the best. Ryan Kellner will be receiving a $25.00 gift certificate for his submission.

    Yes, I'm late getting to this. Are you really that surprised? October was a bust and for that I apologize. We once prided ourselves on posting a review every single day of the month, or at least close to it. It didn't happen this year. Frankly, I was burnt out from getting the site up and running on a new host, new forum software, and a new portal. On top of that, life gets in the way. College classes, a set of 3 year old twins, and a lovely wife I don't see enough of. I'm not complaining; just explaining. Things are settling down and I'm only taking two classes in January, meaning I'll have a tiny bit more time to put toward the site.

    I posted in October that this new design is for the long haul; that October being a bust was disappointing but inconsequential in the long run. My goal is to make the site more community driven, with me simply guiding things along. We're not there yet, not even close. Maybe we'll never get there but I intend to try. With the move to a cheaper host, the site now has a surplus of funds (thanks to you guys using the Amazon links). I intend to funnel all of that money back into the site. Write a review, get a gift certificate. Submit quality news articles (with links to appropriate sources), get a gift certificate. I'm still working on a system for that. Obviously you can't get a $25.00 GC for posting a news article.

    We still need more reviewers. If you are interested, shoot me a submission to dwanderso@gmail.com

    If we post your review, you get a $25.00 GC. Same rules as before: 15 day wait so we can verify there is no plagiarism.

    If you submitted a review before and would like me to take another look, please go ahead and resubmit. If you want details on why I'm not choosing your review, please indicate as such. I will gladly give it this time around. I would tell you this: Look at Ryan's review. He posted a good opening and a quality story outline with background information on the movie, the director, genre, etc. If you are looking to write a quick review to score a $25.00 gift certificate, it's not going to happen. I would rather post no reviews than post poorly written reviews. You have to love writing and you have to be half decent at it. Frankly, at $25.00 a whack and what will ultimately amount to hours of work, we are the ones making out like bandits. Having said that, if it is something you enjoy doing, it might be a good way to score some GCs. Ryan is interested in writing more and I have made a few suggestions for movies I would like to see reviewed on the site.

    My goal is to get a new review on the site every single week. I would like to have that in place by January. That would give us about 52 more reviews for 2016 than we had in 2015! :)

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Discussion in 'Site News' started by Dave, Nov 23, 2015.

    1. Workshed
      Cool, Dave--thanks for the update. People have lives, and we're all getting older. This ain't your job, and I appreciate having the site and forums running for the community. The quality reviews and such are bonuses.
    2. crikan
      "3 year old twins" oh bless you. I guess you've had free time to work on the site the nights you've been woken up because of nightmares, growing pains or the late night vomiting fit. /joking We appreciate your efforts Dave.
    3. russweiss
      I completely agree. Reviews are a bonus. I visit the site to learn about new titles, sales, and just to view other people's opinions.
    4. Dave
      Something I was thinking about for the next round of review submissions...

      Letting you guys vote on which one gets the gift certificate. I had considered that for round one but wanted to think about all the logistics to it. We don't want people joining the site with fake accounts just to vote. That's easily rectified by only allowing votes from veteran members (maybe anyone a member for 1+ years). I'm still on the fence about it because frankly I don't think enough people would vote. It just doesn't seem right if there are several submissions and twelve people voting - the guy with four votes wins instead of the guy with three votes. The Wes Craven poll we did recently got about 100 votes - that's people registered on the site. If we could get that many to pick a review winner, that would be great. I just don't think the interest is there. We could try with the stipulation it only will be done if there are 25+ votes or something. Thinking out loud. Or I just continue to read and decide on my own. That just goes away from the community format I wanted.

      The first time around I had people simply write the opening and then the story outline. This allowed me to get a feel for their writing and it also meant they didn't have to invest in a lot of time. For anyone I was interested in, I asked them to go ahead and finish the review in order to qualify for the GC. I could do the same this time around and then post the samples to be voted on. The person's name wouldn't be attached to the sample; don't want it becoming a popularity contest.
    5. Dave
      Everyone says they are twice the work. It's true and then some. I have two other kids - several years apart - and it was nothing like this. So much work. So much.
    6. msw7
      $25 for a piece of writing is really a great deal. I've been paid less for more work. If I had time I'd give it a shot, but... (and I don't even have twins/college as an excuse, just work).
    7. Wernski
      I'm sure no one did that. I know I spent several days on each of my submissions...
    8. Dave
      You are wrong. People did it.
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    9. Workshed
      Hey Dave, why not try the community vote idea with the stipulation that it is only a test? Maybe you run it for a week and hold new accounts until the contest is over--or simply prevent new accounts from signing up until the test is over.

      Post the reviews you currently have, the community votes, and you decide if that was worthwhile. If so, start again with an official contest and new reviews or just go with what came out of the test.

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