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  1. Blast Hardcheese
    Blast Hardcheese Matt89
    Hey! It's me Twister. Back from the grave and ready to party!
  2. Franco
  3. Crunklydunks
    Crunklydunks X-human
    Hello! Found your post about the Thunderbean special discs on Google, just wondering if you received them yet and know what the secret features were? Many thanks!
    1. X-human
      Nope. Thunderbean said a good junk of them should be shipping this week, so hopefully I'll have them in a week or two.
      Aug 11, 2017
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    2. Crunklydunks
      Thanks! I messaged Steve on Facebook and he said that apparently there's one more week to order? I was thinking of grabbing some of them, but I'm not sure which ones as my budget is limited, so I figured I'd ask. Thanks again! :)
      Aug 11, 2017
  4. MisterTwister
  5. pinpetro
    All-consuming fear came down to earth...
  6. sammohung786
    sammohung786 It's me Billy
    Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (Anamorphic 5-Disc Producer's Cut) interested in trading?
  7. sammohung786
  8. buck135
    buck135 BlackChristmas19742006
    Were you ever able to obtain the Nightmare on Elm Street Sapirstein Fan Edit? I just obtained it.
  9. sammohung786
    sammohung786 Nailwraps
    try blackcat012345 @ gmail com
  10. sammohung786
    sammohung786 Nailwraps
    let me know if u can help out
    1. Nailwraps
      I tried PMing you, but I can't (not allowed for some reason).
      Oct 21, 2016
  11. sammohung786
    sammohung786 Nailwraps
    hi nailwraps i'm interested in Halloween 6 The Producers Cut Ultimate 5-disc Edition any chance that we could do a trade
  12. surferj
    surferj chrismac87
    how could I go about getting your cover for night of the living dead, the twilight one isn't a patch on yours
  13. Mutilated Prey
    Mutilated Prey
    I Love What I Love, and I Want It That Way.
    1. Harry Warden
      Harry Warden
      There is no other way to live my friend.
      Sep 14, 2016
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  14. DVD-fanatic-9
    DVD-fanatic-9 Natas
    I guess in your case not everything from Texas is bigger.
  15. MisterTwister
    Hey you GUYS!!!
  16. gobad2003
  17. MisterTwister
    Best horror board on the net!
  18. Natas
  19. MisterTwister
    Keep on rockin!
  20. HappY85
    Failure is not a factory-installed option.